Mayo Diet – Eat A Grapefruit Lose The Weight

The Mayo Diet is misnamed because it was not named for Minnesota’s famed Mayo Clinic. Still, the eating plan persists under this name. It continues to be popular. It is also known as the Grapefruit diet because that fruit is consumed at most meals. So, if you are wondering how the Mayo Diet works, this article will explain it.

The Mayo Diet is based around eating grapefruit, salads, and lean protein. It strictly restricts carbohydrates. You should follow the diet for 12 days and then take a 2 day break before beginning again.

A sample breakfast is two eggs, two slices of bacon, a cup of coffee and half of a grapefruit. Lunch might be salad with dressing, any kind of lean meat, and half of a grapefruit. Dinner is fish, any kind of non-starchy vegetable and half a grapefruit. Right before you go to bed, you can have 8 ounces of skim milk or tomato juice.

As you can see, the Mayo diet focuses on grapefruit. The theory is that grapefruit provides some “magical” dieting tool. This is nonsense. The reason that the diet works is that it is very low calorie (about 1000 calories a day) and that it eliminates almost all carbs. That means that you are losing water weight. If you don’t go back on it after your 2 day break, you are likely to gain all of the water weight.

Some of the principles of the Mayo diet include eating until you are full, but not beyond that point. You can have all the lean protein and fish you want, but don’t over eat.

Don’t skip meals! Also, you shouldn’t eliminate any of the foods on the diet including the bacon and the salads. It is said that the exact combination of foods on the diet is what helps you lose the fat.

Limit your caffeine intake to one cup of coffee in the morning. Caffeine affects the insulin balance that hinders the burning process.

When on the Mayo Diet, don’t eat between meals. The combination of food suggested should be sufficient so that you will not be hungry.

The diet completely eliminates sugar and starches. These are lipids and form fat. Ironically, fat doesn’t form fat. Instead, it helps burn it. You can even fry food in butter and use butter generously on vegetables and lose weight on this diet.

Do not eat desserts, bread, and white vegetables or sweet potatoes when on the Mayo Diet. It is alright to eat double or triple helpings of meat, salad, or vegetables, but NO CARBS. Eat until you are satisfied. The more you eat of the proper combination of food, the more you can lose.

It is typical to lose up to 10 pounds in 12 days on the first round of the Mayo Diet. On subsequent rounds, you may lose less, but you should still take off some significant weight.